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Growatt and Minnesota State University (MNSU) sign technical cooperation agreement

Growatt has concluded a cooperation agreement with Minnesota State University (MNSU), encompassing the study of renewables and micro systems.
The renewable energy and microgrid system laboratory at MNSU was built in 2012 and the scope of research undertaken there embraces the modelling, simulation, prototyping and validation of power electronic systems in applications linked to renewable energy generation and integration, power management, and microgrid systems. The objective of the project covered by the agreement is to build, over the next two years, an intelligent renewable microgrid with state-of-the-art converter and devices.
The cooperation between the parties will combine Growatt’s technology and marketing expertise with the scientific research discipline and related technology from MNSU’s renewable energy and microgrid system lab. The two organisations will commit  themselves fully to developing a new topology leading to improvements in advanced control technology for solar and energy storage devices, including protection and control technology for connecting renewable energy to a micro grid. The partnership will also involve shared R&D, demonstration projects, academic forums and training.

During the coming years, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence will continue to be rapidly introduced to the market and Growatt plans to take advantage of the opportunity to bring about a transformation in intelligence by independently exploring new technology, thus maintaining its leadership status in technology and product innovation.

The two parties will closely monitor trends in domestic and international technology development, building market demand for the creation of a significant demonstration project, which will ultimately deliver a series of scientific and technological breakthroughs.