Shine Server

Monitoring System

Shine Server

A satisfactory monitoring solution based on Shine Server, which acts as a reliable, powerful and secure web-enabled platform.


Wether for residential system or commercial system, even for PV power station, Growatt could deliver a satisfactory monitoring solution based on Shine Server, which acts as a reliable, powerful and secure web-based platform. With flexible and sophisticated design, Shine Server provides highly interactive and immediate access to key system data at any time and any place.



  • Easy of operation and maintenance
  • Quick overview of all PV plant status
  • Monitor and record several of PV plants with centralized management
  • Professional analysis function to help maximize the system performance
  • Real-time access to key performance worldwide via PC or mobile phones

System requirements

Supported operating systems

Recommended browsers

Supported data logger


Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera

Shine WebBox, Shine Phone, Shine LAN, Wi-Fi module



Plant information

Plant overview

Specified plant

Plant installation data

Device Overview

Time periods

Quick yield overview of all your PV plants

All important data at a glance including yields, income, status.

Display of al plant information which contains installation data,location data and income data

Display of all important data about data logger, inverters, environment monitor, smart meter and other key devices.

5 mins

Plant management

Account User could manage all PV plants under the same acount


Inverter status All inverter running status are recorded automatically. The warning of fault is highlighted and immediate.

Status reporting

Event reports Timely e-mail reports on system fault and plant error

Background operating

Plant management

Device management

Inverter setting

Add new plant, edit and delete existed plant

Intuitive operation to manage all devices

Simple parameter setting for inverters including power management.

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