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Solar storage systems play an essential role in electricity generation, allowing for peak load shifting and the efficient utilization of energy generated. Peak shaving and frequency modulation means the electricity system is optimized and the grid system is more stable.
With Micro power storage systems, stable electric power can be supplied for islands and other remote areas. Solar power storage solutions will therefore play a key role in the development of Smart Energy solutions.

  • Storage Solutions-Residential storage solution

    Residential storage solution

    Residential storage solution is suitable for retrofitting existing solar grid-tied system or newly build system for home application, capacity between 3-5kW
  • Storage Solutions-Industrial storage solution

    Industrial storage solution

    Industrial storage solution is suitable for applications where grid stableness is highly required, it also can be used for energy saving or backup power   supply
  • Storage Solutions-Micro-grid solution

    Micro-grid solution

    Micro-grid solution is suitable for rural area and islands where grid is not reachable, system works as a micro-grid to support various energy sources for self-consumption
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