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Off-grid storage SPF3000-5000 series

Dual MPPTs, compatible with lithium and lead-acid battery, expand MPPT charger controller optional


Growatt SPF 3000/5000 series is perfect for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption application.

Technical Parameter


File name File size File type Download
MPPT Solar charging controller user manual 5.21 M .pdf Download
Growatt SC 4860 4880 48100 MPPT Solar charging controller datasheet 0.28 M .pdf Download
Growatt SPF5000-3000PLUS LVD 0.31 M .pdf Download
Growatt SPF5000-3000PLUS EMC 0.34 M .pdf Download
Growatt SPF5000-3000-3000PLUS User Manual 2.13 M .pdf Download
Off-grid storage SPF series Technical Specification 0.42 M .pdf Download