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Growatt CP100-250

Design for Max. ROI: Newest generation IGBTs and advanced MPPT Algorithms, powerful grid management functions, active power and reactive power adjustable


Growatt CP100 to CP250 is ideal solution for commercial roofs and large ground plant projects.

Technical Parameter

Input data(DC)

Growatt CP250
Max. DC input power 285KW
Max. DC input voltage 1000V
Start Voltage 500V
PV Voltage range 450V - 1000V
MPP work voltage range/nominal voltage 450V - 850V/600V
Full load DC voltage range 450V - 850V
Max. input current 635A
Max. input current per string
Number of independent MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker Number of Independent MPPT is 1; Number of DC Inputs is 4


Growatt CP250
Rated AC output power 250KVA
Max AC output power
Max. output current 400A
AC nominal voltage range 310V - 450V
AC grid frequency range 45-55Hz/55-65Hz
Power factor 0.9lagging – 0.9leading
THDI <3%(@Pac,r)
AC grid connection type


Growatt CP250
Max. efficiency 97.3%
Euro – eta 96.7%
MPPT efficiency 99.9%

Protection Devices

Growatt CP250
DC reverse polarity protection
DC switch
Output over current protection
Output overvoltage Protection – Varistor
Ground fault monitoring yes
Grid monitoring yes
Integrated all-pole sensitive leakage current monitoring unit
DC surge protection Surge arrester type II
Output short circuit protection
AC surge protection Surge arrester type II
String fuse protection
String fault monitoring 
Anti-PID protection
AFCI protection
DC disconnection device DC circuit breaker, fuse (opt)
AC disconnection device AC circuit breaker
Grid monitoring/management yes/yes
Over temperature protection yes
Insulation monitoring  yes

General Data

Growatt CP250
Dimensions(W/H/D) 1600/2080/850 mm
Weight 1465kg
Operating temperature range -25 °C ... +55 °C
Noise emission (typical) 0~95%
Altitude 6000m(Derating over 3000m)
Self-consumption night, Standby consumption<30W
Topology Low Frequency Transformer
Cooling concept Air Forced
Environmental Protection Rating IP20
Relative humidity 0~95%


Growatt CP250
DC connection
AC connection
Display Touch screen LCD
Interfaces: RS232/RF/Wi-Fi/LAN/GPRS RS485/ Ethernet
Warranty:5/10 years

Certificates and Approvals



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Growatt CP100-250 Technical Specification 0.24 M .pdf Download