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Growatt Shown up with ‘Solution of Eastern Wisdom’ at SPI 2018

Solar Power International 2018, the flagship event of North America’s largest solar trade show, was held in Anaheim, California from Sep 25 to 27. Growatt showed up on exhibition with latest independent developments of residential, commercial and large scale PV inverters, battery storage systems, EV chargers, etc., demonstrating the core technology and premium quality of ‘Made in China’ and the ‘Energy Solution of Eastern Wisdom’.

Best of the Customized on Show

The ‘Hero Products’ from Growatt for residential, commercial and storage, are all on show. The specially developed products for North America are on exhibition, Growatt 1500-3000-US Series, Growatt 4000-7600MTLP-US Series, Growatt 8000-10000MTLP-US Series, Growatt 33000-40000TL3-US Series, storage product series, etc. Many visitors stopped at Growatt booth for enquiries and got to learn the leading R&D of ‘Made in China’.

Commercial Inverters

Growatt 33000-40000TL3-US Series inverters have got the advantages of safety, efficiency and smart O&M.

Ø  Max. efficiency: 98.8%, CEC efficiency: 98.5%

Ø  Max. DC/AC conversion ratio as high as 1.5

Ø  Smart Cooling Design

Ø  Built-in Anti-PID, AFCI module, lightning protection, fuse protection

Ø  Remote Monitoring, smart O&M

Ø  Compliant with UL 1699B and CA Rule 21

Residential Inverters

Growatt 8000-10000MTLP-US Series

Ø  Max. efficiency: 97.8% with wide input voltage range and long working hours

Ø  Internal DC switch

Ø  Smart cooling design

Ø  3 MPP trackers

Ø  User-friendly with easy installation

Ø  Compliant with UL1741 SA and CA Rule 21

Automatic Grid-tie Inverter

Growatt SPH3000-6000

Ø  Graphical LCD with button design, compact design, easy installation and operation

Ø  Programmable with charging and discharging timing and power

Ø  Naturally cooling, reliable IP65 design

Ø  Protection for PV and battery polarity reverse

Ø  Online smart maintenance of easier settings and update, saving maintenance cost for clients

Trend of Smart Home Energy Management System

With the rising of IoT across the globe, smart energy is the future of solar power development and is also the key new technology of Growatt on exhibition. Growatt Smart Home Energy Management System provides one-stop solution for the management of PV, storage and home energy by building the new energy ecosystem integrated with efficient PV, safe storage, smart consumption, real-time energy control and centralized management of energy info. The infographics of smart life on show are well received by the visitors.

                                                                                        Smart Home

In recent years, Growatt has made significant achievements in the development of North America. Growatt, as the first inverter enterprise from China to enter US residential market in 2011, founded branch office in US, set up warehouse and built service stations across the US. With the great customer service and continuing technology innovation, Growatt are very popular among local clients with projects across North America. Through the platform of US Solar Power International, Growatt provides the world with great quality Chinese products and serve the lives of North American people with independently developed core green technology.

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