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Growatt Inverter Models Exhibited on SOLAR and STORAGE LIVE

Oct 16 - 18, 2018

Solar & Storage Live 2018, the 3-day conference is held in Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre. As part of the UK’s biggest exhibition dedicated to solar and storage, the event attracts over 4,000 attendees, who are major investors, developers and utilities from across Europe. Empowering the energy transition, Growatt along with other exhibitors from the solar industry presents their products and solutions for utilizing solar power for their homes, commercial or utility-scale projects.

At booth E14, Growatt shows its popular inverter model, Growatt SPH for residential storage solar systems. SPH adopts natural cooling design developed by Growatt and with this feature, it achieves the IP65 protection level against dust and water ingress. Customers like this design as it provides options to install the inverter inside or outside the house as they prefer.

And any more advantages of SPH? “SPH has got export control function and customers can set and export energy power to their loads or the grid. ”Growatt UK Sales Manager, Scott Feng introduced. “Moreover, the working modes are programmable. You can put different modes in priority, Load First, Battery First or Grid First”, said Feng. As the IoT technology becomes popular across many industries, Growatt takes the lead and develops its online smart energy management system for easier monitoring and management of customers. “So with our online smart management system, all of these could be done from your mobile devices, which makes monitoring and management much easier”, Feng said.

At the exhibition, Growatt also exhibits a new product model, Growatt 750-S, for residential solar. With 750-S, Growatt is able to cover a comprehensive residential power range from 750 W to 15 kW. It’s a great step forward for Growatt and this strengthens its leading market position. Moreover, Growatt has another model, Growatt SPA, on show and with SPA, customers will be able to upgrade their existing solar grid-tied system to a storage system easily and at lower cost.