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SEC and GSEA Visit Growatt Headquarters in Shenzhen

Oct 30, 2018, Shenzhen, China

Delegates from Australia’s Smart Energy Council(SEC) and Guangdong Solar Energy Association(GSEA) visit Growatt headquarters in Shenzhen. Lisa Zhang, Growatt Marketing Director warmly receives the delegate group and shows the group around Growatt HQ, introducing Growatt’s milestones and product lineup. The group is deeply impressed by Growatt’s achievements and great product quality and services.

Weihua Zhu, General Secretary from GSEA says “It’s a great pleasure for GSEA to organize this visit to Growatt, connecting China outstanding PV manufacturer with Australia’s peak industry body for the solar, storage and smart energy management, SEC. This is a great opportunity for both parties to know each other better and collaborate on Australian solar energy. ”

John Grimes, CEO of SEC introduces and updates the Australia solar market to Growatt. “Growatt has many advantages in the Australian solar market that others are hard to attain. It’s been eight years since Growatt entered the Australian PV sector and during this period, Growatt has established a strong and experienced service team to quickly solve problems for customers”, says Grimes at the meeting. “Installers, retailers and end users know Growatt’s name. And as the Australian solar market continues to grow, Growatt is in a great position to develop and grow its business. And as an influential organization, SEC is ready to provide help and consultancy for Growatt”, Grimes points out.

Geoff Bragg, Director of SEC leads the audience and explores the Australian market. Bragg shares the PV market layout, regulations and standards in Australia, showing Growatt a clear picture of the industry.  “Growatt Max has huge potential in the commercial sector of Australia. With 6 MPPTs, Growatt Max would be a fantastic choice for commercial projects. Installers would save money and time with fewer inverter installations for their projects” says Bragg, after getting to know Growatt Max’s edges. Bragg continues, “Further, with Growatt Online Smart Service(OSS), customers could easily monitor, analyze and fix the PV system for projects of hours’ driving distance. This would save a lot of money and energy for customers.”

Lisa Zhang thanks Grimes and Geoff for their acknowledge of Growatt at the meeting. She says, ”Growatt has been deeply engaged in the Australian solar market and we will continue to invest in R&D and business development for Australia market. We are glad that SEC is here today to share and discuss with us on the Australia market. Both parties has been in collaboration and it’s time for us to take a step forward for the coming year.” At the end of the meeting, SEC and Growatt reaches their collaboration consensus for 2019. John Grimes and Lisa Zhang sign the 2019 collaboration agreement, which would strengthens their strong relationship and further contributes to the Australia solar development.