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Growatt continues Road Show for Australian market penetration
Sep 10-18, 2018, Australia——Growatt participated the National Installer Road shows in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as a sponsor with Smart Energy Council, mainly introduced hybrid inverters-SPH series and AC coupled inverters-SPA series, meanwhile sharing smart PV solutions with hundreds of installers and distributors. As one of TOP Chinese inverter manufacturers, Growatt brought practical innovation experience and commitment into the partnership.
With intelligent PV technology, all the SPH and SPA inverters are equipped with built-in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) which can help the customers to use the energy from their battery when blackout happens. With large discharging rate, Growatt lithium battery can provide reliable and continuously power supply to family load (even the air-conditioner) when the grid is down. Growatt develops a strong and accurate Battery Management System(BMS) to monitor and protect the lithium battery. For the soft ware, Growatt Online Smart Service system provides remote diagnosis and remote control service for all Internet connected inverters , which can significantly save the time and cost for installers. Moreover, the SPH and SPA inverters can be used for the Smart Grid or Micro Grid with great potentials.

According to a report from PV-Magazine, majority of Australians want more renewables, poll shows. In the lead-up to a Council of Australian Governments meeting of energy ministers, a poll conducted by ReachTEL for Greenpeace Australia Pacific shows more than 70% of respondents want an ambitious renewable energy target to drive down electricity prices. Solar remains a safe haven in terms of energy costs, think 78% of the people polled, who believe installing rooftop PV is an effective way of reducing electricity bills. 

To help the Australian households use more and more renewables and reduce the electricity bills, Growatt continues a regular Road Show for the local market penetration in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, etc .

 “Maximizing the solar use is a good strategy for a better world. Committing to the research & development of renewables is more important than ever.” Said Lisa Zhang, Marketing Director from Growatt.   “To strengthen the ties between the business community, policy makers and customers, we are dedicated to offer better service all over the world.”