1Have any design tool and how to use it?

    2Is there other kind of software that customers can use to design a system for Growatt inverters?

    3Does Growatt have monitoring solutions for residential system?

    4Does Growatt have monitoring solutions for plant scale system?

    5Do you have free solution for monitoring?

    6Why can’t I connect inverter via RS232 or RS485?

    7How can I connect my inverters to computer via RS485?

    8What’s the meaning of “PV: xxx / xxx, B: xxx v” display on LCD screen, are those DC voltage for each PV string?

    9What is the meaning of TL, MTL?

    10The knock control panel is not sensitive, it is not convenience to operate. Can I make it more sensitive?

    11When there is totally no AC present, inverter displays “AC V Outrange”, instead of display “No AC Connection”, is this normal?